Hey Red! We meet again!

I am beginning to view SiGhTsEeInG not only as an art, but also a sport. Being that I am a girl, walking the streets alone, there are certain safety rules to follow. Being on vacation by myself makes me friendlier and more open to make conversation with strangers. At the same time, I have to be alert.

When I first arrived and was not sure of where I was, I walked at a steady pace, looking sure of where I was going. I advice studying your map and getting a good idea of the area before leaving your hotel. That way, you don’ t have to bring too much attention to yourself, walking with your nose in your map and looking like a lost puppy.
If someone approaches me and makes me uncomfortable, I make my face look like a security guard at an airport ( don’ t mess). But even with that, I know my face shows the kind of bliss only a traveler can feel.

The Navy Pier was the way I hoped. Food, music, happy people and CoLoR. I enjoyed the stained glass museum (which is also free! ) and rode the ferris wheel. I had read it was a rip off, I paid to get on it, I realized it was a rip off. But hey, I am a first time visitor, sue me 😉

The Shakespeare Theater was great! I saw Othello: The Remix. They reinvented the whole story into an amazing hip-hop, hilarious version. I left the show with a whole new perspective on Shakespeare. It honored and respected his work, but simply brought a new, relatable, modern light to it. Desdemona was the sound of a beautiful female voice, not really speaking but singing without real words. The 4 male actors played all the other roles, including the female roles ( which is how Shakespeare plays were actually performed at the time, when women did not act ). The plot was essentially the same, except translated into the music industry. OTHELLO was a rapper, Cassio and Iago upcoming rappers, Roderigo a lighting techie…And may I say Bianca was a hilarious pink haired latina. If you are around
Chicago area, this show will be worth your time and money.

The Chicago Theater and the Oriental Theater are beautiful stops worth a look, for sure. Scratch that, the whole downtown, city area is worth a look.

P.S. do not wear bright colors in the city. I was followed by a homeless man who remembered my red jacket and red converse shoes. “Hey Red! We meet again!”

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