Wasting Time

I walked around Chicago all day today. What an amazing feeling! I knew today I’d be heading to the Navy Pier because I had tickets for a show at the Chicago Shakespeare Theater. I knew exactly what my ultimate destination was going to be for the day, BUT getting there was a series of spontaneous events. Turning at different streets, stopping at parks, finding perfect picture-taking spots…These were the pleasant happenings today.
I have to admit that I went straight to the hotel after arriving…I got up to my room and felt safe. I had to talk myself into venturing out, exploring streets, being alone. Being alone in a city I don’ t know was as picture perfect as I originally thought it’ d be. But it was also (surprisingly!) challenging. I found myself wanting to talk to friends and family, describe where I was, send pictures, and display every detail of my day on facebook. Instead, I just sat at different spots for hours,”wasting time.”
I am intrigued by the people. I observed them and wondered what their story was, imagining their daily lives in this city I hardly know. Traveling to an unknown place gives me a reality check, a feeling that reminds me the world does not revolve around me… Making my stressors appear less significant.

“…and where I stood was where I was to be. No enemies to call my own; no porch light on to pull me home. And where I was is beautiful because I was free.” – Sara Bareilles


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