Prepare to win.

Yesterday I went to the top of the John Hancock building. What a beautiful view! This is where my navy pier ferris wheel rip off was redeemed. Then it was off to an evening of food and beer…Enough said.

The Millenium Park has probably been my favorite stop on this trip so far. THE BEAN is soooo much cooler in person than in the Google pictures I saw. Really. I also find it hilarious that everyone is taking pictures of their majestic reflections all around it. It’ s the ultimate “selfie” spot. Did I take a picture of myself? Of course not…I took SeVeRaL. But seriously, the beautiful blue sky and the reflection of the city on The Bean is certainly something to see…and drumroll: It is freeeee!!!

The rest of the Millenium Park is quite neat as well. I spent the whole morning there, walking around and reading a book. The Art Institute is right there, and the Cultural Center across the street. The Cultural Center is beautiful and drum roll again: freeeeee!!!!!!!!!

If you stay at a downtown hotel, you can enjoy so many aspects of the city without spending much. Not on transportation, food or all the free sightseeing opportunities.

As I was walking back to the hotel, I stood behind a man wearing a t- shirt that said everyone wants to win, but not everyone wants to prepare to win. I smiled because I could not help but feel like a winner with this trip, and with my abroad adventure being only weeks away.

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