Fearless. Whole.



Here’s my number one rule once I decided to go abroad by myself: BE FEARLESS.

Backpack travel is a Life Dream for me; it is the kind of thing that will make me feel I can die feeling complete. I have always had an idea of which countries I’d love to visit in order to fulfill this backpack dream (Japan, Italy & Spain being at the top)…followed by Australia, Greece & Egypt. I visited Japan twice, but with a big group of friends. In that case, for me, “being fearless” need not apply.

I began to research flights EVERYWHERE. Tour packages. Airlines. Hotels. Prices. Suitcases. I Googled it ALL. There was just a missing link in all that planning and searching: spontaneity. That’s when I wondered, “What if I go somewhere I never imagined I would be?” A place that had never crossed my mind, and that if asked, I would have probably assumed I’d die without visiting.

I went online and looked for the cheapest flight to the other side of the world. Ireland: St. Patrick’s day, Green, near England. What else was there? I had no clue. And so the adventure began.

I booked the flight, and my first emotion was Fear, accompanied by a curse word or two. I must have gone mad for a minute or two…ok…maybe for a whole hour. I grew up in South America & have not had much exposure to Irish culture at all. At least I got the language down. That brought some peace to my wild mind.

Then I decided to Be Fearless, and that no matter what, every moment (from the planning process to the hectic travel, and the adventures) is meant to be completely absorbed and utterly enjoyed. A shameless indulgence that I am finally pursuing those things that make me whole.


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