One Joyful Spin!




I put one foot in front of the other, and I ended up on top of a mountain, mesmerized, in Ireland. How the heck did I end up here? Now I understand why my dad used to always tell me, “Do not limit yourself.” Because when I don’t…I can end up anywhere…like in Ireland, living a dream, hiking 1,420 feet, in a gorgeous island filled with flowers and horses, and falling in love with a brown cow. This is all real life.

Once I could not find a place to stay in Dublin, I extended my stay in Galway city for 3 more nights. A blessing in disguise. I have ended up doing way more than I had originally planned or thought possible.

Today I took a hiking tour to Connemara and Omey Island. Connemara is a region where the soil is mostly brown because it is acidic (not very good for growth). This is one of the reasons the British did not bother so much with Connemara (until the 1700’s). So for a while, Connemara was its own kingdom, untouched by British rule. We hiked Diamond Hill (which is not an actual hill, but a mountain). It has the name “Diamond” because it is filled with rocks that have little crystals encrusted, which shine like a diamond when they reflect the sunlight. This made me look at the ground a lot! There were quartz and marble, and why go on and on. Hike in Connemara one day; you will not regret this.

The tour guide said we hiked 1,420 feet. Including the guide, we were a group of 4, which made this experience even more personal, isolated, fascinating and phenomenal. The first 10-15 minutes I was dying! But once I started to get distracted by the gorgeous view, and my body got into the rythm of the hike, it was all a breeze. Just when I thought the view could not get more beautiful, we would climb up a little more and BAM! You guessed, it got more beautiful. Maybe this is a good time to mention that the sun was shining so bright the entire day! Not a single drop of rain during our hike. I was talking to a girl that hiked Ireland for a whole month, and she said there were only about 4 sunny days during that time. I am so grateful the sun has been so bright during my outdoor activities so far, not spoiling a single view of this majestic place (Still,I do enjoy walking in the rain around Galway City).

In the afternoon, we went over to Omey Island (home of a group of monks in the 6th century). When there is a low tide, the water reveals at least a couple miles of sand, so you can drive on to the island…I have never, ever, in my life seen anything like this. I will never, ever forget Omey Island. Aside from summer houses, it is pretty much empty…Grass as green as it can get, covered in beautiful white little flowers, cows, horses, sheep, even a donkey! The water both light and dark blue…giant stones, and oh…ruins of a church from the 6th century!

At Omey Island, I let the group walk a little bit ahead of me just so I could do a spin! because if you ever find yourself in a place THIS beautiful, it would be unrightful to leave without doing at least one joyful spin.  




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