All that’s wrong, makes it right.

If you are doing this (solo backpack travel) it means you have confidence in yourself, and you do not depend on someone else to feel happy. This is good. It means you have a good head on your shoulders. – This is what my French roommate was telling me over tea & coffee on my last day in Dublin. She has lived in 6 countries over the past few years while at the same time enjoying a long term relationship with her Italian fiance. When I asked her how she managed to maintain a strong and steady long distance relationship, she told me, “We do not really tell that we miss each other. That’s not good because then you make each other sad. It is better to bring each other up.” It is obvious that she loves her fiance very, very much, BUT does not need him to be happy.
Oddly, this conversation about romance and love made me feel better about my last day backpack traveling. I could have made it a tragic day of sorrow because I know it is going to be a while before I ever return to Ireland. But instead of missing it before I was even gone, I went ahead and indulged in every-last-bit of my day. I strolled down O’Connell Street and Grafton Street, walked by the theaters, and went inside the Writers Museum. I didn’t really have a plan; I just wandered. All day. The highlight of it all was treating myself to a lovely lunch on a terrace at a cafe right on Grafton Street (my favorite street in Dublin). I sipped on my wine, and became one with the dreamy tiramisu placed before me.
Thinking about my move from Florida to California (next week) helped make my goodbye less emotional. This trip went better than I had planned because A LOT of things did not go as I had planned. So that is it. Embracing the unexpected, and recognizing that maybe there is something even better than what was originally planned, plus living in the moment.Those are the two main life lessons taken away from this adventure. The details that went “wrong” made the whole picture right.
In the safety of my home, I can now look back at the past week and a half, and a single thought comes to mind: It was perfect. That’s the thought, every time…every single time.

"To and fro we leap And chase the frothy bubbles While the world is full of troubles And is anxious in its sleep." -W.B. Yeats
“To and fro we leap
And chase the frothy bubbles
While the world is full of troubles
And is anxious in its sleep.” -W.B. Yeats
Grafton Street
Grafton Street
To making dreams come true. Cheers!
To making dreams come true. Cheers!

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