The Only Day

It was over 4 months ago. There were 2 regular suitcases and 1 carry on. Moving across the country does not even begin to describe this journey. I still remember the anxiety attacks I had in the bathroom at my last job, dreading that working to pay the bills was all I could ever do after graduating college. I never wanted my life to feel boring…But during those short moments of deep anxiety, sitting on that bathroom floor, taking deep breaths, I thought, “This cannot be everything I am going to do.”
The work and the wait paid off. Now there was me, my 2 suitcases and my carry on. I ventured out across the country to do spiritual training. This was not only for my own growth, but because I sincerely believe I can help people through my service on this path. I have decided not to go into the details of my practice or training, but to focus on the places I go, and the wonders of going somewhere, doing something, packing that suitcase and trusting that your heart is right.
Now that I temporarily live in Southern California, I feel I have endless possibilities for outdoor adventures, though my free time is very, very limited. I take this as an opportunity to make the most of each day. I don’t think anymore about living each day as if it was the last…But to live each day as if it was the only day. Just like that, even a cup of coffee with a friend has become a valuable experience.
Today was my first day off in about 3 weeks. I went hiking in Mt. Baldy. I was sitting on the ski lift, looking at the beautiful view and instantly thought back on my trip to Ireland. “HOW?” I wondered, “HOW do I end up in these places?” Sometimes it feels I just wake up and realize I am on top of a mountain, just above the clouds.


Mt. Baldy is popular among hikers in SoCal. I am not a legit hiker (at least not yet!) but certainly LOVE any outdoor activity, and this hike provided me with the right dose of scenic beauty to refresh my mind, and just enough of a physical challenge to feel like I did something
cool on my day off 😉
I went on the Devil’s Backbone Trail. You may consider the ski lift as cheating, but keep in mind it takes the least interesting segment of the hike out, saving you 1,500 vertical feet. Thank you ski lift! Plus, I love the feeling of flying over a bunch of rocks and trees. Trust me, this is cool.

For me, it does not matter what the activity is or whether I choose to do it the hardcore way or the beginner’s way…Whatever it is you choose to do, I just want to encourage you to always remember to stop and take it all in…The view, the sounds, the smell, the beauty, the good. Grab all of the positive and take a moment to engrave it in your heart.

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