I Started Building on a Green Canoe

Time did not wait. When I came to realize it, I had missed a good chunk of it. I completed my 6 month spiritual training in California, and was back in South Florida before I could say “Miami.” It was hard. I had looked forward to those six months for years, and by the time they were over, I felt they were just a blink of an eye.

I was now rocking my way to nowhere in particular on a green canoe at the Oleta River in North Miami. It was my 25th birthday, and what had I learned? The spiritual training I went through was wonderful. However, the real work came AFTER the training. During those six months in California, I felt as if a light was shone on all the things that needed changing. All the negative parts of myself that I wanted to pretend did not exist came to the forefront in my every day life. Give a round of applause to my flaws, my pet peeves, my repressed emotions of childhood…With such a clear vision of the kind of person I do not want to be, came a whole different set of goals, and they all led me to believe that “I must build something new.”


Back at the Oleta River, the day was hot and humid as expected, but the scenery around me shone with its distinctive hues. The Oleta River State Park offers a great variety of outdoor activities for the entire family – kayaking being my favorite one. But this was my first time on a canoe, and it was just as exciting to me! This is a refreshing trip to renew a little of that enthusiasm for life and have some quiet in a unique scenario, OR the perfect group outing for bonding and laughter.  I had needed to get that feeling back. The feeling that it was all going to be okay, even if we did crash multiple times against the mangrove trees where little crabs crawl everywhere. Flexibility comes in handy when you have to duck down for dear life to avoid the branch-hitting-forehead situation. Do not worry, there is plenty of room for smooth sailing…Crashing only happens when you don’t know how to paddle on a canoe with two other people 😉 And it is SO fun not knowing!

It took me six months of intense spiritual training to discover the big “NO-NO” of my character and my life (okay, there is more than one). And then it took 6 more months of being back home and in society to painfully demolish the negative thoughts and negative attachments – such as grudges and judgments. Now, my favorite stage has come along! The timing is right to build something new. Floating on the beautiful green and blue water with no clear arrow pointing which way toward the small beach they talked about at the renting counter, I did something crrrazy. I finally turned the page. Now, I get a fresh start to walk these feet to exciting places!



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