For The Sake of Fun

Life has so many complicated, difficult things about it. The years may bring days of tears, and seemingly absurd trials. That’s why when my best friend called me to say she was giving me a flight ticket to visit her in England, I thought, “Complicated. Complicated. Complicated.”
“I have a new job, and probably cannot get vacation days.”
“I need to save money for a possible move overseas, so I cannot afford buying food in England.”
“August is hurricane season in Florida, so there is a chance flights will get cancelled.”
And the most complicated one of all. “Money can damage friendships.” And flying me to England is about the most expensive gift any friend has ever given me. I thought, “There is always a cost to such things.” But then…the new job gave me days off. The pennies gathered in my wallet. My flying day is here, and the sky is so clear and blue, I can practically hear the birds singing to The Beatles. And money…well sometimes, it just doesn’t mean so much, does it?

Courtesy of my best friend.
Courtesy of my best friend.

My best friend is from England, and a part of her family currently lives in London. We met in Drama Class at our High School in Florida, and from the moment I saw her braces, pigtails, chipped off nail polish, heard her Bristish accent, AND learned that she was an extra in a Harry Potter movie…Well…it was friendship at first sight! She is the friend I make stupid,Taylor Swift videos with to put on facebook. The friend that I got locked out of the house with, naked, after a skinny dipping dare (true story). But most importantly, the friend that drove on the wrong side of the road for a few seconds after we realized we were gonna be late for – God forbid – a Britney Spears concert in another city. The first time we hung out, we took a helmet, and rode down the stairs on a mattress.

Dear Europe, I got you back!
Dear Europe, I got you back!

I am not only excited to see one of the most popular cities in Europe, but to reunite with my best friend. Sometimes all the complicated things about life become easy. Sometimes, we can give up control to accept whatever may or may not be. And like the skinny dipping, and the reckless use of a mattress, it feels so good to do senseless things simply because LiFe Is FuN.

So good to laugh like this. 2010.
So good to laugh like this.

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