Sometimes it’s ok to miss the bus.

     “Everything is going to work out,” I assured my best friend as she kept accidentally bumping into the most handsome man I saw in London. Obviously, my traveled road has been a little more than bumpy. We had left the hostel with enough time to make it to the bus station, where we would be taken to the West side of the country for a day trip in Stonehenge and Bath. There was a 15 or 20 minute underground delay in Earl’s Court. We stood in the wagon, trying not to panic in front of this gorgeous business man listening in to our chatter. Worry does not make a lady look attractive, so I did my best to glow with ease and peace.

Needless to say…we missed the bus. We figured things out, and rearranged our travel schedule within a 30 minute window of finger crossing, phone calls, and wishful thinking. In an adventure, flexibility is key. Stonehenge and Bath were moved to the next day, and the Afternoon Tea was moved to the day after…Today…we decided to make it a city day. I had yet to see Big Ben, the London Eye, and all the sights from movies. London was bigger than I expected, and Big Ben way more beautiful than in movies. We walked around, hunting down a spot where my father had taken a picture in his The Beatles stage ages ago. We did the famous Ellen Dance Dare once again.

7 Big Ben and London Eye 5 london life

We walked, and walked, until exhaustion made it a challenge to go up the stairs at a pub named The Sun in Leicester Square. We sat down, and devoured a delicious plate of fish and chips!  I really loved walking around Leicester Square. The day was gray, hot, rainless, and perfect for me to photograph every part of the city. People watching in this area was easy, and interesting if you are into fashion. The way people dress in London resembles Miami in nothing. I love these chic Europeans.

23 fish and chips24 awesome shopping area25 streets26 style streets

After our meal at the pub, we still needed to recharge our batteries…and now that I think about it, my best friend was in desperate need of recharging her iPhone (which was basically our tour guide, map, and watch for the day). We spent the next two hours at Caffe Nero (an Italian coffee shop franchise alllll over London). I appreciated the cute cashier that winked and said, “I didn’t charge for the soymilk.” I debated winking back, but smiled instead. My best friend pointed him out later, during his break, when she realized his pants were VERY ripped in the back. That was way more Europe than I had plan on seeing.

30 amazing Italian caffe

Later that evening we recovered from our city coma in Costa (the other fabulous caffe from previous post). One of our favorite things to do together is watch funny youtube videos. So there we were, drinking decaf, and making memories for a lifetime. Nothing went our way that day. We simply walked, and let life happen. It may even be of no surprise that in the end, in terms of time, weather, and even fun…it all worked out for the best.

22 a place of rest - Edited

“He was ready to stop trying to matter; he was ready to simply live.” – Jess Walter

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