It’s an adventure

My heart was racing. I mean RACING! We squeezed each other’s hands so hard as we held our breath at the same exact time. There! The actress playing “Donna” belted the living guts out of “The Winner Takes It All.” My best friend is probably the only person that would reciprocate my desperate hand-holding during a musical. We get it. The sweat, tears, and sweat, the dark circles, and sore muscles that it takes to bring a production like that to fruition. We feel for the heart-broken Donna in Mamma Mia! We also feel for the actors trying to change costumes faster than lightning strikes. We know the Stage Manager is probably having some kind of breakdown because “Where are these actors when you yell ‘PLACES!!’? PLACES!!!” We loved the show because it simply makes you feel good. There’s no real enemy in the plot. Mamma Mia! is simple, innocent, and uncomplicated. Though we were not crazy about some of the casting choices, we still stood up and clapped for the brilliant “Waterloo” ending song. We were the only ones hysterically laughing when an actress yelled “Bullocks!!” We loved the show (despite its flaws here and there – but maybe it was just a matter of taste rather than acting or singing technique).

Overall, my trip was not flawless, but it was perfect.  Every day began with a small disaster: sleeping at the airport while sick, falling down the stairs (hence the limping in Paris), missing the bus to Stonehenge, running late for Mamma Mia!, and let’s not forget the family drama strategically excluded from blog entries.

Travel, according to one of the definitions in, is  “to move or go from one place or point to another.”  This action, I have learned, involves a whole lot of things that should not be taken seriously, including yourself. You may get stuck in an airport overnight, and your suitcase may be put in the wrong flight (forcing you to wear your underwear inside out for a day, and your friend’s little brother’s pajamas for a night – just sayin’). In those moments, the little voice inside my head whispers, “It’s an adventure.” And isn’t that exactly what I wanted in the first place? I bet my overly sensitive heart that anywhere you go, you will always find something to marvel at. Even if it’s just the thrill of going “from one place or point to another.”

Keep moving. But every now and then…remember to be still.
‘Til the next adventure.

Because saying goodbye has never been our thing.
Because saying goodbye has never been our thing.

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