The Greenwave Café. Plantation, FL
The Greenwave Café.
Plantation, FL

…And then I was served the strangest looking lemonade I had ever seen, yet the most delicious. It was a splendid whipped mixture of lemons, mint, dates, and heaven knows what else they do to it! I was at the Greenwave Café a ( vegan/organic/gluten free raw cuisine) place my (car-pooling/grounded/listening-ear/more-advice-than-I-wanted/timeless/wise-one) friend invited me to. It was my first outing after my sudden life upgrade. The world could not look or feel more different. My new perspective came with a side of Greenwave’s raw/vegan version of a cheeseburger: an explosion of never-tasted-before flavor in my mouth. This place was 5 minutes from my home, and I had never gone there. I call it “my culinary adventure down the street.” What other things had I been missing in my own hometown? All the little places I love going back to had barely left room for the undiscovered ones.

The Greenwave Café. Plantation, FL
The Greenwave Café.
Plantation, FL

The life upgrade I was referring to is part of the most recent adventure I’ve taken on. I did The Landmark Forum, you see. What I got from it is way more than I can put into words. But I can tell you what happened. I was sitting on a chair for three days, having thought provoking, stimulating conversations, and then BAM. It was like that time I rode Aereosmith’s roller coaster in MGM, Orlando. You know, the kind that goes from 0 mph to 60 mph in a ridiculous 2 seconds. My Past did not disappear, but the weight of it did. My Future opened up, and then I got pulled to the Present. It is not hard to be present when the wind gets knocked out of you. And it was beautiful.

The day after the forum, I was going to work, and I actually got moved by all the things I saw every day but did not notice. It was the spring breeze, the bass in that song I love, the royal blue chairs, my posture. It was the possibilities I was inventing for myself and my life. A week later I was delighted at Greenwave Café, having a lemonade I’d never heard of, with a perception of who I am I had never had.

Weston, FL


Two weeks after Greenwave I found myself asking my family to meet me at Pizza Fusion in 15 minutes. Spontaneous meals and drinks is our new thing. I love the place because I cannot eat dairy, and they make delicious organic, dairy free pizza! They also  have fabulous organic beer and wine. I ordered the pizza I had never had (the one with eggplant). They ordered the artichoke and spinach one. The moment didn’t pass me by without being fully present. WP_20150329_18_24_59_Pro

Now I am taking a Commitment Seminar, and I have absolutely no idea what I will get out of that! But here is an idea of a few things I am committing to: I am committing to living outstanding moments in my every day life. I am committing to stop toning down my singing in the car out of fear other drivers will judge it. I am committing to my writing, and inventing the possibility of making it a career. But beyond that, I am committing to you, dear Reader. I am inventing the possibility of you and I having a long-lasting relationship where I contribute transparency and inspiration to your day. I want to write the words that will enrich your life.

Yes, I have also heard that when life gives you lemons you are supposed to make lemonade. I just didn’t realize there was more than one recipe.

What life-upgrading experiences have you had recently? I am ecstatic to know! Leave your comments below. 🙂




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