Tongue, cartoon buildings, and short-shorts.

WP_20150426_20_13_46_Pro 1I never imagined I would eat tongue. I had heard of the dish, but…

Though the taste was undeniably delicious, there was something about its chewy texture…The thought, “This is tongue,” entered my brain as I swallowed. I felt like a trooper. We were having dinner at Sugarcane in Midtown. Sugarcane appeared on my internet search for interesting restaurants in Miami. As soon as I saw the beautiful pictures of cocktails and exotic looking dishes, I made plans to go there Sunday night. We were celebrating a very toned down version of a bachelor party, and Sugarcane had a great atmosphere. They have outdoor sitting with pretty lighting. You will be taking many pictures, and ordering rounds of drinks. I had their white sangría – and got teased by my friends for drinking “children’s juice” – but it was delicious! Some of the other drinks that were ordered involed rum cocktails, red wine, and a beautiful mojito! We tasted each other’s drinks, and all I heard were compliments.SDC19017

Mojito at Sugarcane
Mojito at Sugarcane

The conversation flowed from career and love to more love and more career. But once we began to taste the food, our words about romance and chemistry drifted to culinary connection. We were in love with Dinner.

The plates are small, and served as tapas. This is a great place for sharing, and celebrating a special occasion. We were delighted with their Japanese eggplant, 5 spice ribs, grilled octopus, tongue carpaccio, chicken yakitori, and chicken meatballs. It is hard to pick a favorite, and something tells me it is hard to go wrong when choosing from their menu. SDC19018 tongue.
This…is tongue.

My Sugarcane tip would be: order the thing you have never had before. Hence the tongue.

Midtown Miami is filled with restaurants, and it is a great place to hang out in the city – outside the wild South Beach scene. We strolled around, and later took a very short drive to Wynwood. This is where the art galleries are, and dare I say a must-see if you are in Miami. Walking around, I felt as if I was inside a cartoon. The sidewalk has painted messages. The buildings are dressed in art – covered in color from top to bottom.


We ended up spending some time at Wood Tavern. This is where you get a spoonful of Miami culture. “Even the policemen are wearing shorts,” giggled my friend who is not from Florida. This place was the definition of “casual” and “open-mind.” Whether you are a local or a tourist, you will definitely feel like you are on vacation. The music is loud, there is no cover charge, dogs are allowed, people’s skins glow with Miami sweat, and shoes stick to the floor.

WP_20150426_20_55_58_Pro 1

Some weekends I really enjoy living in Florida.


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