The thing that makes your heart race.

“MY HEART IS OVERJOYED” is an understatement!

An overflowing wave of excitement sent me in a screaming fit twice this year. The first time, it happened on April 13th. The auspicious day I was accepted in the Teach Abroad program I had crossed fingers for! The second screaming fit came today, June 10th, when I received my school placement letter. I covered my face, I screamed out high pitch sounds, slammed the kitchen table, and did a little booty dancing in the living room. I AM ALIVE! I am so unquestionably alive, and so undeniably in love with my life.

Last year was dark, and cloudy, and while I waited for someone to “come and save me,” I rose up and realized I had to save myself. I could no longer wait until the next time my life got exciting. It was not about the pursuit of happiness, no. It was about wanting to wake up in the morning full of drive, full of purpose.

I found my purpose in the little children I have been working with for over a year, teaching them how to read and write. I love my job, and I wanted to extend that love to other places of the Earth. So I immediately looked into programs to teach English abroad. It was more than the love of traveling, and my obsession with adventure. It was about this desire to impact as many children’s lives as I can in one lifetime.

I am currently getting my TEFL certification, which is the reason you’ve hardly seen any new posts on letsgosomewhere (my apologies for that!). But don’t you worry dear friends, there will be plenty of posts with pictures, and screaming fits in the year ahead! It is all the way from Over-The-Moon that I announce to you: I have been offered a Language and Culture Assistant position at a public elementary school in Spain, and will be moving there this September!

Many lessons have been learned while I have been going through the sometimes frustrating application process, and the time-consuming studying to get certified. This is Lesson #1: CHOOSE THE THING THAT MAKES YOUR HEART RACE IN THE MORNING.

I choose Spain.

I choose teaching.

I choose children.

I choose my life.


Can you guess which small town will be my home in the upcoming school year?! I’ll give you a clue…It’s 19 miles to the northeast of Madrid.

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