1 year from now, I’ll write a blog entry saying: I LIVED IT ALL

It’s almost midnight, and the wine is delicious. I let my hair down, feeling tremendous relief from the tight “teacher bun” I was wearing today. T.V.  off, pants off, and heavy-weight-on-shoulders off. It turns out that moving abroad is not as easy as it looks. There is A LOT of paperwork. And a lot of drives to a lot of places that will give you even more papers to send to other places. It has been iNsAnE. Then the questions come in, and the doubts creep in. “Am I really moving abroad by myself?” “What if I end up living in the streets?” “What if I suck as a teacher?” “What if I can’t adapt to the culture?” “Will I ever be good enough?” Before I know it…I am diving into existential crisis mode, and forgetting the most important thing: I AM MOVING TO SPAIN!!! I am pursuing a dream, I am creating a whole new life out of nothing, and I have AMAZING problems. Because all my problems are one way or another, related to the fact that I AM MOVING TO SPAIN!!! So today was the day I said, “Enough.” I am done questioning, doubting, wondering, and fearing. Instead, I am investigating, resolving, discovering, and experiencing. I am moving to Algete this fall, to be a Language and Culture Assistant, to write my book, and to live the life I love. I am going to fall madly in love (whether it be with my job, the town, the country, the children I teach, an actual man, or all of the above!). I am also not going to let myself miss a single thing. Because 1 year from now, when I look back, I want to write a blog entry saying: I LIVED IT ALL. I was there, every step of the process, every moment of every day. I did not miss a single thing in this experience.”

Algete is a town in the Community of Madrid, about 19 miles away from the city. I was excited to find its highway is the same one that takes you all the way up to the Basque country, where my last name comes from. I looked it up on trip advisor, and it turns out there are only 4 options on the “things to do” in Algete list…all four of those things are bars! I don’t know if that is a pro or a con just yet. It is a veeery small town. Here is a website where I was able to find beautiful pictures of it: http://www.wolpy.com/places/3130383/photos

If you are looking to move abroad, or just take a fairly long break traveling overseas…do not get overwhelmed by all the documents you need to put together. It can be a long list of tedious errands. But it CAN be done. So just do it. And then have wine.

Cheers to all the things that make us feel, love, live, and heal.

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