I needed poetry.

I needed time to breathe. I needed time alone. But mostly, I needed poetry. I had an aching need for beauty. I took myself out on a little adventure, and went to Parque El Retiro (retiro means retirement). This park is East of Madrid, and a place I may post about multiple times. This time around I visited two particular spots: the rose garden and the crystal palace.

Crystal Palace in Retiro Park
Crystal Palace in Retiro Park
Rose Garden in Retiro Park
Rose Garden in Retiro Park

I sat by a little fountain, surrounded by vibrant, sweet smelling roses of all colors. These “Jardines del Buen Retiro” were declared artistic and historic gardens on February 8th, 1935. I saw a man gently pull a rose to his lady’s nose and heard her delighted sigh. My smile was kindly returned. They were a younger version of an elderly couple that walked toward the hospital, linking arms. I thought of all the other elderly couples I have seen in Alcobendas, holding hands.

how is this for poetry?
how is this for poetry?
but these were my favorite
but these were my favorite


I walked around the rose garden feeling like Alice in Wonderland, picturing myself in her blue dress. I had no purpose being there. I was there, and that was it. I sat on a bench, and had a little picnic. I absorbed the beauty I had craved so incessantly. Then I moved on to El Palacio de Cristal.

55 Palacio de CristalEl Palacio de Cristal was built in 1887. A dreamy structure that expanded my writer’s imagination, making me think of great lines spoken by great characters. This place is a photographer’s dream scene. I took pictures of the outside as seen through the crystal walls. I watched friends and family sitting under luscious trees through the motionless crystal walls. The leaves are changing colors. This was the first gray day since I have been here. I am oddly fond of gray days like this one. 56 Palacio de Cristal

Later on I met up with my friend, Mia, and we walked from the park to the city center for a churros dinner. This wonderful Sunday came right after my lazy Saturday, which I spent in bed doing nothing productive at all. I blamed it on the pain I felt in my ankles after frantically running down a steep hill so I would not miss the bus. But maybe that story belongs in another post.


57 Palacio de Cristal
“So you can keep me inside the pocket of your ripped jeans. Holding me closer ’til our eyes meet. You will never be alone. Wait for me to come home.” -Ed Sheeran

…And I just can’t tell you how it moves me to live in a place where I can peacefully sit in a rose garden, watch the falling leaves from a crystal palace, and all age couples walk holding hands.58 Palacio de Cristal

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