2016 Where I have Been (and Where I am Going)

It is not as chilly this morning. I closed all the windows last night. I never thought I would come to Mexico City but here I am, spending the holidays and eager to move here next year. Correction, this year. I begin 2017 with thyme tea.

Mexico was never high on my list. Yet here I am, being surprised again. Its beauty, I believe, has been highly overshadowed by negative media.

2016 was empowering. I rang in the new year on a solo trip to Barcelona, went on several hikes, started getting into fitness and yoga, and got published on 4 platforms other than my own. This was my Girl Power year.  Though I lack the same confidence for the world as a whole. Hoping 2017 is a globally kinder year.

New Year’s has always been my favorite holiday. Last year I described some of my favorite traditions and rituals in Day 1: New Year’s Eve . Looking back at my last New Year´s, I could not have imagined the surprises ahead. My friend Sarah and I asked each other a list of questions reflecting on the past year while I packed for my trip to Mexico. “What days will you remember from 2016?” There are a lot. Each month were a series of highlights and adventures. Here are my top memories of this year:

Oporto 52
Spring Break in Oporto, Portugal with my best friend, Christy.


Empowering 27th birthday hike in El Escorial, Spain.


Budapest 43
Had the time of my life with 3 girlfriends in Budapest, Hungary (my favorite place I have ever been to thus far).


Had an adventurous summer in the North of Spain that included surfing, and walking the last 100km of the Camino de Santiago de Compostela with my boyfriend.

Got published on my favorite platform, Thought Catalog ! =D Check out the link below:

4 Ways Love Changed My Mind About Marriage And Children

Climbed the mysterious Teotihuacan Pyramids in Mexico, which I will be blogging about this month…


I realize I know very little as to whether 2017 will be as good or surprising as 2016 was. But I look forward to the future with more joy and opennes than I ever have before. As far as traveling goes, my TOP priorities are Malta and Greece. Before moving out of Spain in 6 months, I hope to visit Sevilla, Logroño, and San Sebastian. With this first day of 2017, I let go of what was and what was not in 2016. Thankful for where I have been, I highly look forward to where  I am going.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, to all who follow this blog. Sharing the joys of travel is one of my life’s biggest highlights, and I do want to read your stories. Let me know where you have been, or where you’d like to go by commenting below. Leave a link of your travel blog or article and I will read it and follow. May 2017 be the year when we build each other up. Cheers!




2 thoughts on “2016 Where I have Been (and Where I am Going)

    1. Hello Martina! I am so happy to hear about your trip! My friend and I were on a tight budget when we travelled Italy. That means we had a lot of to-go meals from local supermarkets or to-go places. BUT I do have to say that we stumbled upon the best place ever in Manarola, Cinque Terre. It was a postcard worthy view (the view is actually on postcards) and I had the best panini of my life! It is a bar/restaurant, and it is great to enjoy local wine. Afterwards, if the weather is good, you can go deep water swimming by the rocks. It is called Nessum Dorma, and it is #1 on trip advisor. https://www.tripadvisor.com/Restaurant_Review-g187819-d6702450-Reviews-Nessun_Dorma_Cinque_Terre-Manarola_Cinque_Terre_Italian_Riviera_Liguria.html
      Best meal I had in Cinque Terre! ❤ Also consider eating in Riomaggiore after watching the sunset. There are so many Italian restaurants there. I cannot recall the name of the one we went to. But we just had to have some spaghetti while in Italy. 😀


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