I am fond of the color green. I am fond of the way it pops up in various shades and hues around the world, never disappointing to inspire me. I have spent quite some time on the mountains recently, surrounding myself with both vibrant and dark shades of green.

This summer I spent 3 weeks in Norwich, NY. I was visiting my best friend, Christy ( See you tomorrow. ) while I impatiently waited for my Mexican work visa to come through. We did not do much other than drink loads of wine, indulge in desserts and binge watch Sex and the City. It was a pretty laid back summer, and we were continuously surrounded by green mountains.

Chimney Mountain, NY

On a sunny Saturday morning we drove to the Adirondacks to hike Chimney mountain. I was very out of shape and missed the scenery as we hiked, gasping for oxygen that seemed scarce. My calves were burning like I had lit them on fire. “I don’t know if I can do this,” was my uncalming mantra as we ascended a whooping 980 feet in  2.5 miles.

At the time, I felt a bit out of place in the world. My return to the U.S. in the summer was forced by migration laws in Mexico, and I did not have a clear view of what the near future held for me. But when we reached the summit of Chimney mountain, it was comforting to get a full view. A green, lush scenery was worth the hell-like ascend. That  is often how life unfolds.

Chimney Mountain, NY

The only thing that could follow a day like that was a big, hearty dinner. We stopped by Chipotle for the  burrito I was craving. It is hard to come by Tex Mex burritos like that in Mexico City. Burritos are more American than anything else.

Nearly two months later I was hiking La Coconetla in Mexico City. Having put all visa issues behind, climbing up this mountain was a little more pleasant, not to mention it was a much less steep hike than Chimney Mountain. ( WORK IN MEXICO! But first…Migration. )

4to dinamo whole view.jpg
La Coconetla, Mexico City

It took a short ride (about 30 min) from the South of the city, and we were embraced by the mountains. The concrete jungle had disappeared behind us, and for an entire morning, the urban sounds were not a part of our experience in cosmopolitan Mexico City.

on the rock .jpg
La Coconetla, Mexico City
4to dinamo half view
La Coconetla, Mexico City

The summit reminded me of Chimney mountain, with a similar rock formation, vertical and contrasting gray against green trees. The amount of green in sight was overwhelming. The clouds below us. I loved sitting on this massive boulder on the edge of the mountain. Edges thrill me.

La Coconetla
La Coconetla, Mexico City

A little bit more in shape these days, I was not as beaten by this mountain. This time around I was more in control of my fitness and my career. This mountain was a little friendlier.

On the way down we spotted mushrooms, vibrant red, white and orange. They were popping out of the green moss. We stopped to admire the picturesque scene.

I did not talk much. I was more focused on the listening. I was among the very green trees. I was in the woods. I was in the moment. And in my memory, happy days like these are always painted in green.

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