Digital Nomads – rise and shine.

Some choices feel important even when they are not detrimental to your future. For me, choosing what wine I will buy or the type of workout I am going to do that day feels important. It is important (to me). But if a movie was made out of my life, those moments would not make the cut. I recently made a choice that might as well be the thing the whole movie is about. I declared my commitment to my dream of financial, location and time freedom – a dream not foreign to globetrotters like myself.

Two months ago, I began creating new habits to suit this new lifestyle. I began reading books and watching videos to educate myself on the digital nomad life. I started a gratitude journal. I began creating content and publishing blog posts once a week. I made a vision board to keep myself focused on the goal, and I wrote out my dream paycheck for my first year working online. Since then, things began to happen, and I just quit doing side hustles that were taking away my focus.


I am going all in. For years, I worked Monday through Friday, enduring long and tight commutes on public transport. I lived for the weekend. I also mourned the weekend as time slipped away.

My life and my perspective on pretty much everything has shifted completely in the last couple of months. Essentially, I have quit working for money. From now on, money will work for me. Ever since my time became truly mine, I am happier. I feel so driven and passionate, I cannot believe my heart when I leap out of bed at 5 a.m.  I cannot wait to get out of bed and achieve my dreams.


One of the best parts of this process has been plugging myself in with like-minded people. It is so common to come across others that will think you cannot do it. But I say you can do it. Most importantly, do you say you can do it? In three months working online I have doubled my income! Your passion matters. Your effort matters. The people you choose to surround yourself with matter.

I want to surround myself with people that are on a similar path. I want to meet and talk with people that share a passion, and I want to build a community.  I want to create a place where I am not just sharing my own ideas, content and experiences…I want to check out your own ideas, content, and experiences.


If you are counting down the days until your next adventure…

If you are looking to work online in order to become location free, time free and financially free…

If you are willing to empower the people in this group and let yourself be empowered by them…

If you are simply fueled with passion and drive to do what it takes to achieve your dreams…

If you are ready to take action…

Then you are invited to join my closed Facebook group Happy Nomad. I am eagerly waiting to connect and communicate with digital nomads around the world. Or if you are not a digital nomad yet, but you are looking for some guidance and direction. “How do people do that?!” I used to ask myself. And here we are.

Untitled design

As long as you are in tune with these goals, and you follow our no bullying, no selling, and no spamming policy, you will be welcomed to take advantage of the incredible benefits of building a global community of like-minded people. Every single day you can take a step forward, however small it may be. Every single day you can be a little closer to living the lifestyle you know will forever end the Monday blues. Do not just wake up when the alarm goes off. Instead, choose to rise and shine.








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