Getting Out of My 2018 Funk Without Hopping Countries

living-in-mexico-cityI was eager to write today because I find myself in an outstanding emotional state. I had  originally hoped to keep myself blogging regularly over the holiday season because I went on so many fun travel days planned during my mom’s visit. But I let that expectation slide, and I took the time off to both enjoy the company and reflect on the new year. So happy new year!

A lot happened in 2018, and before I realized what was going on, my life went uphill. I quickly went from absolutely hating most things about life in Mexico to falling completely in love with everything about my days here. So much so that Bradley and I are now thinking of ways to plant some roots in this country. There is still plenty of travel on the menu, and maybe even moving again. But perhaps Mexico could be the place we make homebase for a while.

Last year, I found it extremely hard to love this place and embrace everything it brought me. The chaos, the job, the friendships, the money, the earthquakes, the food, the roommates…I was constantly dissatisfied because none of my expectations were ever really met. My only way of coping was toying with the possibility of moving back to Europe. Somehow I stuck around, and I owe that to my relationship with Bradley being solid.

Troy, New York with my friend Sarah. Trying not to whine too much, and thinking about moving back to the U.S.

This summer, I found myself back in the United States (a little against my will) in order to sort out my migratory status in Mexico. I was distressed, spending most of my savings to support myself as my employer dropped the ball and washed her hands of my work visa. It was the best thing that happened to me and I did not know it. 

I immediately began working online, teaching Chinese students, and getting paid in U.S. dollars (a major blessing when living in Latin American countries). My income doubled for less work hours, and suddenly I found myself joining a community of successful online entrepreneurs. I have been working on my own online business for the last 4 months, and I started getting paid for my writing.

Suddenly, I love Mexico! I love my friends, the chaos, the food, my neighborhood, and my job that is no longer a job. A job is when you work mainly to make your boss’ dreams come true. Now I wake up and put in the hours to make my own dreams come true. Bradley and I have discussed Vietnam, China, Indonesia, Australia, Colombia, Guatemala, Chile and Argentina. I have 3 trips planned for the first 5 months of 2019, and I do not have to ask anyone if I can take time off.

Avenida Francisco Sosa, Mexico City

I made a vision board and wrote a check for the amount of money I want to get my first year working online. I wake up every morning, at 4 am sharp, make myself an espresso and sit in silence for 25 minutes. Then I get ready, and start my work day, still in pajama pants, looking at that paycheck on my desk. After 11 am the day is all mine to be free, explore, read, go to the gym, cook, meet friends, whatever! With a life like that I could live almost anywhere and feel happy.

I blamed my unhappiness on Mexico City. For a long time I blamed the heat, the low salary, the boss with the high-pitch voice, the packed bus, the airless metro, and pollution. But these things are not a Mexico thing, now I know. All these complaints could have been in New York, in Madrid, in London, in Tokyo. It was not the location that made me unhappy. It was both the lifestyle and the mindset.

1944 Vegan Coffee in San Angel, Mexico City

I am hanging out with successful people that also have vision boards and control over their schedules. Friends that work 4 or 5 hours a day, deciding their own schedule, and taking the time they want in order to explore new places. I have the time to workout regularly and meditate. I have time to read for pleasure. I am building a passive income so I will start getting paid in my sleep and have even more time to do what I LOVE. With days like these, I never dread waking up early.

Now I find myself at the summit of my 2018 struggles, overlooking the beautiful view and thinking, “It was worth it.”

Chapultepec Castle, Mexico City


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