The Comforting and Warm Spots in Austin, TX

breakfast time at Native Hostel

The moment we stepped into our hostel, we knew we had chosen a great accommodation. After spending a few days at my brother’s house in Austin, Texas, Bradley and I were excited to stay closer to downtown for a couple of nights. Native Hostel on East 4th Street ( ) had the right ambiance between party scene and chilled workspace. With a long dining style table, plenty of plugs, comfortable couches, a delicious restaurant and bar, this place has all you need. Every morning and afternoon, we spotted several people working away from their laptops. On Thursday night the bar scene was lively with music and an impressive crowd. It is a great hostel for the digital nomad.

Once we settled in, all Bradley and I wanted to do was walk around and eat. We took a long walk down Congress Avenue, which ended in the Capitol Building. It was an extremely cold and gray day, so we took a coffee break at The Hideout coffee shop. Their service was superb, and they have tons of theater activities from performances to improv classes.



From there, we went to 6th street, infamous (or famous – depending on your taste) for partying. Bradley and I are not really big on partying and drinking; we much prefer a relaxing dinner with a bottle of red wine to share, and soft background music. But we wanted to at least get a taste of Austin’s nightlife…at like 5 pm. So we headed to Voodoo Donut, which was a super cool location. However, the donuts themselves did not meet my expectation. From there, we headed to Recess Arcade Bar, where we had probably one of my favorite dates ever! Which is what I say about every arcade game date we have ever had. We played jenga, basketball, Jurassic Park, and all those old school arcade games I just love! Perhaps we did not close down the bars that night, but we certainly were the first customers in!

The following day we went to Arlo’s Food Truck on 900 Red River st. We had the best junk vegan food ever, which was so comforting in the persistent cold and gray weather. We shared a vegan burger, french fries, and the best vegan mac ‘n’ cheese.When I return to Austin, Arlo’s will be one of my very first stops!

After such a decadent meal, we took a stroll down 4th street, where all the gay bars are. I wish we had had more time to explore the night life in this part of town, but we only got a coffee break at Halcyon. From then, we walked down to the Colorado River, and it soon began to drizzle. It was fun to see people in their work clothes taking a stroll along the river. In warmer weather, we would have definitely gone kayaking here.

Rainey Street container bar

We made our way back to the hostel via Rainey Street, which reminded me so much of Europe! As the rain began to fall, and the temperature dropped even more, we speeded back to the hostel. We cuddled up on the lounge couch watching FRIENDS on Netflix with a cup of tea and a bowl of blackberries until dinner time. The moment made me grateful for the comfort and warmth of our relationship.

Texas Barbecue at Terry Black’s

Our last night in Austin ended with an outstanding Texas barbecue dinner at Terry Black’s, a place my brother was eager to take us to. While Bradley and I have been avoiding meat, it is important to us to be able to enjoy typical dishes of places we visit. Terry Black’s barbecue was unforgettable, and the perfect place to say goodbye to my family.

The following morning, Bradley and I returned home to Mexico City. As I sat at the airport, waiting for my flight, I wrote away on my laptop. It is hard not to feel immensely blessed by my new lifestyle. I get to choose my work schedule, and every day feels like a new opportunity to carry on building this exciting lifestyle. I am so grateful for all that’s been lived, and all that’s yet to come. All the flights, destinations, food trucks, restaurants, rivers, parks, streets, and seas. I am so grateful for all that emcompasses this world. And all the people I get to experience it with.

xoxo and Happy Travels!

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