Queretaro – food, tours, and vegan shops.

What an amazing lifestyle! To be able to book off long weekends in new cities, and get lost in the sight and smell of a place unexplored by your feet. To walk new ground, and find yourself feeling alive…Full of lust for the world. This is the positive side of location freedom. Like anything in life, you will always have the gray and rainy days, but I am all-in when it comes to this “work-from-anywhere” lifestyle.

Welcome to Queretaro

We decided to go to Queretaro as we had talked about this city for so long (2 years exactly). It is possible that we will end up living there some time in the next year, so why not check it out for a long weekend! We took the bus from Mexico City, leaving from the Taxqueña bus station. While I find most travel bus companies in Mexico have really nice vehicles, the roads can often be curvy and rocky, so car sickness is always a thing. We slept our 3 hour journey to avoid feeling any sort of discomfort. EMT is a good bus company if you want to sleep. Their seats are wide, and there is plenty of room to recline back and lie down.

There is something so photogenic about Queretaro.

Our AirBnB was right in the historic center, on Manuel Gutierrez Najera street by Los Fundadores Plaza. That first afternoon we arrived, Bradley had a work related dinner, so we did not do much. After dinner, we watched a Spanish guitar performance in Los Fundadores before taking an evening stroll around the historic center.

For this particular getaway, I liked that our AirBnB was pretty basic: bed, empty desk, shared bathroom. Sometimes when you have a really luxurious accommodation, it makes it harder to go out and explore all day, which was the main reason for this trip.

Breakfast at a vegetarian place.

The following day we had breakfast at a vegetarian place. I  do not have the name, but it was on 5 de mayo street, which is lined up with amazing restaurants. Sometimes when I travel, I am so focused the travel article that it is still kind of like work. Every now and then I like to go places without really noticing names or addresses. I purposely get lost. I especially did this with this getaway because we were celebrating our 3 year anniversary. Unplugging is something I am still learning. When you work from your phone and laptop, you have to be very strong on setting boundaries, or you could end up never “clocking out.”

Aqueduct from the city viewpoint.

Being as touristy as we could, we took a trolley ride. This way we also got to see places outside of the historic center. We checked out the aqueduct and a pretty viewpoint where we could appreciate the whole city.

We quickly realized how much history was made in Queretaro, which is one of the reasons it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This motivated us to take a walking tour called Leyendas y Mitos de Queretaro (legends and myths of Queretaro). If you speak Spanish, this is a must! It was so much fun to walk around the historic center in the evening, watching actors play out old myths about the alleyways and historical characters of this city. While it is not exactly a horror tour, the stories had a spooky element involving murder-related-plotlines. I am glad we decided to do the 7:00 pm tour and not the 9:00 pm one because there were moments were the audience definitely jumped in shock (I may have yelled out the F bomb here and there in front of children – happens when I’m surprised). However, if you do not speak Spanish, it might be difficult to enjoy the performance as it is monologue heavy.

Nothing but chilled white wine and H2O on this relaxing afternoon.

All day long, we stopped at delicious places to eat. The restaurant scene in Queretaro is fabulous. We ate so well and for half the price of Mexico City restaurants. Most restaurants had impressive and unique aesthetics. I was particularly fond of calle 5 de mayo as it was lined with restaurants, coffee shops, and bars that made it hard to believe we would ever run out of places to hang out if we moved here!

We opted to end the evening with a late Italian dinner and red wine at Trattoria La Nonna on Independencia street. Cheers to three years together, traveling and learning.

Now let’s go shopping!

The next day, Bradley had more work meetings, so I strolled around with my camera.  I found some of the best vegan shops ever! I loved buying artisan sandals and vegan toiletries from local, brandless shops. I was thrilled to discover a coffee shop and cultural hub called Neblinas near 5 de mayo street. The owner was super kind, and he allowed me to go to the rooftop to take some photos. The business runs on solar power, so I was happy to stick around for some snacks while I hid away from the midday heat.

If we move here, this will be a working spot for me!

Queretaro not only has plenty of things to entertain you: shops, theater, tours, live music, restaurants, and bars…It’s also near many day-trip locations for less than 2 hour drives. You can visit vineyards and beautiful towns like San Miguel de Allende. So if you come to Mexico, Queretaro is a good home-base to check out multiple cities in its surrounding area.

I like having designated time for photography and content creation.

The three hour bus ride back to Mexico City was quiet and quick. It was our last getaway before moving to South to the state of Oaxaca. We are looking for a change of pace in our lives. Stick around for upcoming posts to find out where we live now! And don’t forget to click “like” if you enjoyed reading this post. More to come next Saturday!

Happy Travels!















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