A new perspective on nudity – From my breasts to yours.

I was a little hesitant at first, but I had a feeling I was going to LOVE this experience! I took my bathing suit top off, and Bradley took a couple of pictures of me for the memory book (and let’s face it, for this blog). Then we put the camera away and took off our bottoms in the name of freedom. We held hands and walked to the shore, where the sea reached our toes first. We were in a nudist beach in Southern Mexico.

We took a bus from the Puerto Escondido ADO bus station to a town called Pochutla, about an hour away. We got off the bus in what seemed like a random cross-road with 2 convenience stores and a couple of food joints in sight. We waited for the public transport, which is a pick-up truck that makes you feel a bit like cattle. That’s the version of a bus here (if you follow me on Instagram you have seen us riding this thing!). 20 minutes later we reached Zipolite.

They seem to encourage a siesta after your meal. All the restaurants have hammocks by the tables!

There were a few restaurants and very small, low-key hotels. Aside from the small towns along the Camino de Santiago in Spain, I think this is the least civilized place I have ever been to – I take that back because I have been to the jungle. We sat at one of the restaurants right on the beach; we ordered shrimp, guacamole, and some fish tacos. Everything was delicious, and we made an effort to eat it faster than the flies could reach our plate. That’s the thing about remote places like this, too far for most people, but easily crowded with insects.

As we ate, I saw a few people walking along the shore fully naked. Our Mexican friend that recommended this beach, had mentioned that there was a nude part somewhere, but you can probably be nude anywhere as there is no clear marker to where the nude section begins and ends. If you come here and want to be sure you are in the nude area, walk toward the left if you are facing the ocean until you reach the end of the beach. That’s the “official” nude beach.

We beat the flies trying to steal our food! These were the best shrimps I have ever had.

We walked all the way to the end and grabbed a couple of chairs at Salmastro. Bradley ordered a beer and I got myself a liter of water because honey, I am melting in this humidity. Not everyone here was nude. No one else except us, actually. There were people fully dressed in beach clothes, others wearing swimsuits, and there was Bradley and I – butt naked. No one seemed to care much except for maybe two teenage boys sitting on the rocks “looking out to the sea” in their jeans and t-shirts. You’re welcome, kiddos. This is the low tourist season, which means beaches are nearly empty every day.

Just a few years back, I would have passed on the chance to take my clothes off and swim naked in the ocean with other people nearby. In a digital age where things can quickly get sexual with a click on our phones, I think it is important to shift the conversation about nudity. In 2014 there was a major iCloud hack that revealed celebrity’s nude pictures which they most certainly took in the privacy of their homes for their significant others (or themselves, why not). I am still wondering why these people were so brutally judged.

Visiting this  beach raised some provoking questions in my mind. Was I giving away too much of myself to “the crowd”? Was this showing a lack of respect for privacy? And was I okay with possibly being seen by others that were not willing to also undress? Would anyone be attracted to me or would they be indifferent—and should I be offended by either of those responses?

Once sunshine reached all the parts of me it hadn’t yet touched, and the breeze caressed my free breasts that were no longer oppressed by the tightness of a push-up bathing suit, I could no longer be bothered with questions. My doubt suddenly felt juvenile, and so I held my partner’s hand and we made our way to the crystal clear water. I was in paradise. I was transported back to a time of creation, a time of wonder and innocence. I felt cleansed, I felt young, I felt grateful, and I felt stripped of any sense of time.

Our choice for drinks, and a place to keep our clothes while we went for a dip in the water.

I wondered why we spend so much time covering it all up. Consider your body as a vehicle for you to live and experience everything the world has to offer…And the world offers a lot more than sex. We are exposed to advertisement that makes us think clothes have to fit a certain way. Sure, there are companies like LuluLemon and Third Love that are making strides in contributing to positive body image (they did not pay me to say that but I would not be mad if they did 😉 ). Still, our bodies have become sex symbols to companies selling us ways to look attractive. Our bodies do so much more than have sex, so where is the fascination coming from?

Being nude in a stunning natural spot made me aware that my body is doing a spectacular job at carrying me through this awesome life I love waking up to! I was in awe that I get to breathe this air, and use this machine that has worked pretty well for me for the last 30 years with basic food and sleep maintenance.

These chairs need you, people.

We often wait for the perfect time to do something we love while we have a body through which we can live out those dreams today. I am not saying everyone needs to run to a nude beach right now and strip. I am also not opposed to that idea, for it gave me serenity about my own body. We often spend too much time thinking about shapes and sizes of things, and that could not have been farther from my mind in this beach. It was so freeing.

As climate change progresses and becomes more tangible, visible, and almost unstoppable, I got to feel as if we had traveled back to the beginning of time. For a moment, it was just Bradley and I swimming freely in the sea, getting sunkissed, and feeling like we were right at the start of everything. Like we still had all the time in the world.

What would YOU do if you had all the time in the world? What do you do knowing you don’t?


Thank you so much for hanging out here with me. I appreciate you and your attention. If you enjoyed this post please give it a like or share on your social media as this is how the blogging world thrives these days.

Happy Travels!





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