A brief stop in Oaxaca City and other whirlwinds.

As I sit to write this post…

Ah, the joys of adulting. Today that includes signing an apartment lease, paying my therapy bill, and drinking red wine before 5 p.m. in order to write faster. It’s days like today that make me feel in control, and completely in love with the way my life is at 30. Sure, this is unlike anything I imagined at 18. According to that image, I would be famous by now, married with 2 kids, and a huge mansion in California. I have changed a lot since then, and I did not follow through on the fantasy. But that’s ok because this wine is freaking delicious, and my new place will be my chic oasis once I’m done furnishing it.

Sometimes I wish I had been given a heads-up as to how different my life was going to turn out – yet I appreciate the surprise. I just arrived to a new city, and I have been spending the last two weeks either adulting or completely shutting off in my airbnb, binge-watching The Good Place on Netflix – comment if you LOVE this show, too. *Sips wine*

Currently staying two blocks from this aqueduct! Lovely area.

As per my last blog, you may remember I recently went through a breakup. It has been unconventional, with all the humor, plot-twisting, and ugly tears of a rom-com. I am not on the market, though. Far from it, actually. Bradley and I decided to give each other time and space to heal, grow, and maybe get back together. We have both worked from home for two years, which means we have been spending 24/7 together, and most of that time was in a small, windowless studio. I am using this time to rediscover myself outside of the spectrum of being either in a couple or completely single. I am somewhere I have never been before. It’s getting interesting. I have been on my own, but not in this way (as a full on adult paying bills, getting my own place, and being my own boss). *Sips wine*

It’s a whole new version of me out in the real world!

We just spent 6 months living in paradise, also known as Puerto Escondido. The move out of this still remote beach town was far from easy. There were two overnight bus rides (one of those without a restroom), a cheap and less than friendly hostel stay at Cielo Rojo in Oaxaca City, rushed drinks with our closest friends back in Mexico City, and another long bus ride to our new home: Santiago de Querétaro.

Right before realizing this was not a good idea.

Our stop in Oaxaca City was brief, fun, and exhausting. I am sad our time there was so short. Some of the highlights were roaming the city center, eating at local markets, exploring the Museum of Cultures, and taking a two hour tour bus ride around the different neighborhoods.

This was the first day I did not sweat profusely in 6 months straight. Ah 🙂

My favorite spot to recover from all the sightseeing was Tastavins, a wine bar on Calle Murguia 309. Coming from Puerto Escondido, where we felt our cuisine choices were limited, we were craving foods we had not had in six months. The ambiance in Tastavins was cheerful, and we made a toast to the future while eating Spanish tapas and drinking red wine. Because our breakup experience has not been black and white, we still share moments of bliss where everything feels as normal as ever, and we continue to mean the world to each other. We have loved each other so well for the past three and a half years, there is really nothing but goodness in the space we are giving each other to take a breather, find ourselves again, and redefine the rules of how we live our lives.

Bradley in Tastavins – always enjoy having faith, business, and travel conversations with this one.

Oaxaca City was a mostly happy stop in the whirlwind of our very uncomfortable moving experience. We did miss a bus among other traumatizing moments that involved running, urine, and a thousand pesos.  But that brings me back to this spot in Querétaro where I am sipping wine alone in a restaurant I intend to frequent.  I am keeping this one to myself because it’s my mystery place for writing to you, lovely reader, and feeling rested on a busy weekday.

A wedding march in Oaxaca’s city center.

While we are here, what would you like to know about living in Mexico? I am taking all the questions, and looking forward to writing more often.

Happy Travels!








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