The ocean’s in my mouth (Baja edition).

Lobster and clam filled up our bellies that afternoon at La Casa del Pescador in Puerto Nuevo, Baja California. We drove to a little private beach where the grey clouds covered the sky. It was easy to feel cozy by the bonfire. My sister, Leny, and her husband, Alex, made sure we had plenty of comforting snacks and red wine with us. It was so lovely to just sit around and chat. I live for moments like this with loved ones. We talked a lot about the future, and the places we would travel to or move to next. We are a family of dreamers and travelers.

I felt like I got to know my sister so much more. Sometimes you just need to share stories by a fire.

The next day, Alex drove Bradley and I to Ensenada while Leny had a full workday. We specifically went to the streetfood cart called La Guerrerense. I was dying to try out the tostadas Anthony Bourdain had claimed to be the best tostadas. As a foodie traveler, eating anywhere Anthony Bourdain approved of is a bucket list experience! This meal is definitely in the top three best meals of my life. I kid you not, it’s like the ocean was in my mouth.

This was a sea urchin tostada with some type of clam (I cannot remember all the ingredients).
This tostada had sea snails, shrimp, and octopus. The peanut sauce on top was so good as well.
This was my favorite tostada! It had octopus, clams/scallops, shrimp, and maybe some fish, too.

La Guerrerense blew our minds! The only reasonable thing to do after that meal was walk it all off on our way to a bar for margaritas. I can still vividly recall the flavors and the textures so harmoniously combined.

This clam slept in the ocean before I had it for lunch. Yum!
You would not know how special this streetfood cart is by the look of it!

Since we are on the topic of amazing food, I’ll go ahead and tell you about La Justina. La Justina is a restaurant in the center of Tijuana, made partiuclarly famous by Gordon Ramsey because he ate there. Though perhaps it was already famous. Tijuana seems to attract prestigious chefs, and I can see why! We ordered cocktails that looked like they came out of a magazine photoshoot. They were so pretty, and so, so tasty. But the star of the night was the octopus burger. It was amazing and intriguing. I love food that creates conversation. We shared the burger since we were still super full from the tostadas at La Guerrerense, but we made extra room for dessert! Just look at these photos…

Which one would you choose? Tell me in the comments!
I mean if that tentacle doesn’t temp you, nothing will.
Make room for this churro with popcorn ice cream!
If you can’t tell, this brownie dessert was SENSATIONAL!

Between mornings spent in the balcony reading, afternoons napping after eating amazing seafood, and evenings talking glasses of wine away, I have to say this is one of the most relaxing vacations I have ever taken. And while things are not completely normal due to Covid-19, I am grateful we could practice social distancing while doing incredibly fun things! Nothing about this trip was taken for granted.

Stay tuned for our weekend at the vineyards!

Happy and safe travels!



Cover photo by Pasha gulian on Unsplash

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