Sometimes it’s ok to miss the bus.

     “Everything is going to work out,” I assured my best friend as she kept accidentally bumping into the most handsome man I saw in London. Obviously, my traveled road has been a little more than bumpy. We had left the hostel with enough time to make it to the bus station, where we would be taken to the West side of the country for a day trip in Stonehenge and Bath. There was a 15 or 20 minute underground delay in Earl’s Court. We stood in the wagon, trying not to panic in front of this gorgeous business … Continue reading Sometimes it’s ok to miss the bus.

Less Alone

  “Wingardium Leviosa, Wingardium Leviosa…Wingardium Leviooosa…” I turned around and there were 2 adorable little boys practicing their Harry Potter spell with what looked like brand new wands. Nothing defines a childhood more than all the things that can be imagined; nothing defines adulthood more than all the things you never imagined would actually happen.  The night we returned from Paris, we had dinner at a small franchise called Gregg’s. I never expected to live a day in which I would have lunch in Paris and dinner in London. I love when Life gets playful with you. We dragged our consumed yet … Continue reading Less Alone

A reign for the Inner Child

A regular good old tourist walks by, distracted by either the size or beauty of Buckingham Palace. In the mist of her sightseeing concentration, she did not feel the arms and legs moving up and down nor the shaking buttocks of my best friend right behind her. It’s called a Dance Dare, and we got it from Ellen Degeneres (youtube it for better understanding). And that’s what we were up to the day after my arrival. Once we made it out of the airport -which at that point felt like I was being liberated from death row – we went … Continue reading A reign for the Inner Child

Memoirs of an unfortunate traveler.

…Actually, make that title read “…a very unfortunate traveler.” Things went so smooth up to the part where I reached the gate for my flight from Florida to Newark. A delayed flight that did a little more than make me late for my flight from Newark to London. I unsuccessfully attempted to recover from a cold, but sleeping on an airport floor is not exactly medicinal. Something about traffic control I could hardly understand… “It’s not the airline’s fault,” they told me once I reached Newark. I looked around and felt pity for the few tired faces that surrounded me. “So, why … Continue reading Memoirs of an unfortunate traveler.

For The Sake of Fun

Life has so many complicated, difficult things about it. The years may bring days of tears, and seemingly absurd trials. That’s why when my best friend called me to say she was giving me a flight ticket to visit her in England, I thought, “Complicated. Complicated. Complicated.” “I have a new job, and probably cannot get vacation days.” “I need to save money for a possible move overseas, so I cannot afford buying food in England.” “August is hurricane season in Florida, so there is a chance flights will get cancelled.” And the most complicated one of all. “Money can … Continue reading For The Sake of Fun