Mexico City: 10 Street Foods

  “Where are the burritos at?” I asked. Mexican dishes turned out to look and taste completely different from those Mexican fast-food places I had tried in the United States and Spain. I’ve been living here for 9 months and have now become familiar with the many ways Mexicans use the same ingredients to create different things. What I find habitual in the cuisine are corn tortillas (though they have other kinds like nopal tortilla – which is cactus! and white flour tortilla), frijoles (black beans, mostly in a puree or saucy form), cream, cheese, some type of meat, and … Continue reading Mexico City: 10 Street Foods

Leaving Europe and Three Earthquakes: a look into the first few months in Mexico

I have been meaning to tell you what it’s been like to move from Europe to the Americas this summer. I moved to Spain on my own (#throwback #2015), and had the most exhilarating two years of my life travelling around Italy, Portugal, Hungary, Poland and Czech Republic. Madrid became a place I still think of as my home. Barcelona became my favorite weekend-getaway excuse. I acquired a particular taste for strong coffee in tiny cups, and a love for oversized scarves. Though I hate the notion that I left Europe because I fell in love with a European who … Continue reading Leaving Europe and Three Earthquakes: a look into the first few months in Mexico

Mexico City: my pros and cons

    I looked at the piñatas on the ceiling while the lady stamped my passport. Recently, airplanes make me nervous instead of excited. I was thrilled the 12 hour flight from Madrid to Mexico City was the smoothest I’ve ever had. There was not a single moment of turbulence the entire time. We only wore seatbelts for take-off and landing. I kid you not.     I was eager to see him already, but when the doors opened, he was not there. It was pandemonium. We got confused with the gate, but after 45 min. searching for each other … Continue reading Mexico City: my pros and cons