Prepare to win.

Yesterday I went to the top of the John Hancock building. What a beautiful view! This is where my navy pier ferris wheel rip off was redeemed. Then it was off to an evening of food and beer…Enough said. The Millenium Park has probably been my favorite stop on this trip so far. THE BEAN is soooo much cooler in person than in the Google pictures I saw. Really. I also find it hilarious that everyone is taking pictures of their majestic reflections all around it. It’ s the ultimate “selfie” spot. Did I take a picture of myself? Of … Continue reading Prepare to win.

Hey Red! We meet again!

I am beginning to view SiGhTsEeInG not only as an art, but also a sport. Being that I am a girl, walking the streets alone, there are certain safety rules to follow. Being on vacation by myself makes me friendlier and more open to make conversation with strangers. At the same time, I have to be alert. When I first arrived and was not sure of where I was, I walked at a steady pace, looking sure of where I was going. I advice studying your map and getting a good idea of the area before leaving your hotel. That … Continue reading Hey Red! We meet again!

Wasting Time

I walked around Chicago all day today. What an amazing feeling! I knew today I’d be heading to the Navy Pier because I had tickets for a show at the Chicago Shakespeare Theater. I knew exactly what my ultimate destination was going to be for the day, BUT getting there was a series of spontaneous events. Turning at different streets, stopping at parks, finding perfect picture-taking spots…These were the pleasant happenings today. I have to admit that I went straight to the hotel after arriving…I got up to my room and felt safe. I had to talk myself into venturing … Continue reading Wasting Time

Let’s go somewhere.

If you were sitting across from my desk right now, you’d probably see me as a calm and collected young lady working on something really serious. If you thought that, you would be VERY wrong. I am far from calm and collected! I am freaking out! I feel like there are hundreds of fireworks in my brain. Colorful, joyful and explosive. Adventure. Travel. New beginnings. Places I have never been, people I have never met. LIFE. Just a couple hours ago I clicked “Book Flight.” I have traveled alone before. But I have always family and friends…familiar faces. Trips that … Continue reading Let’s go somewhere.