What Was Once Just A Dream

“Honey, That’s  not an adventure, that’s an odyssey.” I remembered Ismael’s words as soon as I arrived in Bologna, Italia (right after spending the night at Madrid Barajas Airport). I had told him about that time I backpacked Ireland  by myself without making hostel reservations because, “When I travel, who knows where I will want to go, and what I will end up doing! It is an adventure!” He insists I should always have a place where I can at least die at each night. 🙂 On this particular autumn night at Barajas Airport I was just one out of dozens of people lying … Continue reading What Was Once Just A Dream

Let’s go somewhere.

If you were sitting across from my desk right now, you’d probably see me as a calm and collected young lady working on something really serious. If you thought that, you would be VERY wrong. I am far from calm and collected! I am freaking out! I feel like there are hundreds of fireworks in my brain. Colorful, joyful and explosive. Adventure. Travel. New beginnings. Places I have never been, people I have never met. LIFE. Just a couple hours ago I clicked “Book Flight.” I have traveled alone before. But I have always family and friends…familiar faces. Trips that … Continue reading Let’s go somewhere.