Tongue, cartoon buildings, and short-shorts.

I never imagined I would eat tongue. I had heard of the dish, but… Though the taste was undeniably delicious, there was something about its chewy texture…The thought, “This is tongue,” entered my brain as I swallowed. I felt like a trooper. We were having dinner at Sugarcane in Midtown. Sugarcane appeared on my internet search for interesting restaurants in Miami. As soon as I saw the beautiful pictures of cocktails and exotic looking dishes, I made plans to go there Sunday night. We were celebrating a very toned down version of a bachelor party, and Sugarcane had a great atmosphere. They have … Continue reading Tongue, cartoon buildings, and short-shorts.

I Started Building on a Green Canoe

Time did not wait. When I came to realize it, I had missed a good chunk of it. I completed my 6 month spiritual training in California, and was back in South Florida before I could say “Miami.” It was hard. I had looked forward to those six months for years, and by the time they were over, I felt they were just a blink of an eye. I was now rocking my way to nowhere in particular on a green canoe at the Oleta River in North Miami. It was my 25th birthday, and what had I learned? The … Continue reading I Started Building on a Green Canoe